Registered with MAAK in Russia in 2007, Serbia was born at the Ltd Akhalt-service Studfarm in Yesk, Russia in 2006 from the Uzbekestan bred stallion Ekemen and Russian bred dam Sogdiana. Serbia was purchased from the Ltd Akhalt-service studfarm in August 2007 as a yearling and in October 2007, and with our stallion Liman, was imported into Spain and the Balearic Island of Mallorca.


Serbia was officially graded by Maak during a European grading tour in May of 2012, and she has been classified as Class 1, Category 1. She is a stong boned mare, large through the chest, with clean legs and good muscle, her head is a beautiful Akhal-Teke head with large almond eyes and long sculptured ears. Her movements are free flowing and gliding, gracefull and extremely eye catching.


The take off speed that Serbia has is absolutly incredible, she certainly shows the race horse quailties that the Akhal-Tekes are well know for, and with an amazing awareness for whats happening around her, there´s not much that she doesn´t notice. As to her character, she is a gentle, loving mare, easy to handle and well behaved. She has shown herself to be an excellent mother.



Breeding history. 

April 2012 - Cremello filly - Serina from Liman (Golden Palomino)

June 2012 - Gold Buckskin filly - Sasha from Liman (Golden Palomino) 

April 2015 - Bay colt - Shirin Yulduz from Liman (Golden Palomino)






1195 Ekemen, perlino, 1991 1066 Kemal, dark buckskin, 1977 871 Ginduskush
1506 Elani
2277 Elan, buckskin, 1985 866 Vatanchi
1185 Elek
2936 Sogdiana, chestnut 1990 1039 Galkan, chestnut, 1985 945 Gerden
1429 Alkien
2450 Sayatkhanum 19, chestnut, 1985 985 Dagestan
1726 Arfa

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