Registered as a breeding stallion with MAAK in Russia in 2007. Liman was born and bred at the studfarm Akhaltekiner Ltd in Dagestan, from sire Lamart and dam Madonna. He was exchanged for a stallion from the studfarm Ltd Akhalt-service in Yesk, Russia in July 2005.  In August 2005 he particpated in the World Championship Show in Moscow, Russia where he came 4th in the class for yearling colts. He remained at Ltd Akhalt-service untill we purchased him in August 2007. In October 2007 he was imported into Spain and the Baleraric island of Mallorca.


Liman has an excellent character, kind, gentle and loving. The amazing shine for which the         Akhal-Tekes are well known, is caused by the individual hairs reflecting back the sun, it is something particular the breed and is extremely noticable in Liman. In the winter months he has a pale dappled palomino coat that changes in the summer months, when he becomes a vision of pure liquid gold shimmering in the sun, enhanced as he moves, showing off his phenominal shine.


He is a wonderful horse to ride, calm and easy going, but ever ready to have fun and accelerate his speed when asked. He is receptive to his riders commands and works very well when schooling, learning quickly whatever he is taught. He is equally happy to amble along the lanes taking in the sights, as to work hard at schooling, or to enjoy an envigorating gallop along the beach. As a breeding stallion he is well behaved and gentle to the mare. 


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Breeding history:

2012 - Cremelo filly - Serina from mare Serbia. ( Light Buckskin)

2013 - Gold buckskin filly from Morein (Black)

2013 - Gold buckskin colt from Sagali (Gold buckskin)

2013 - Gold Buckskin filly - Sasha from Serbia (Light Buckskin)

2015 - Bay colt - Shirin Yulduz from Serbia (Light Buckskin) 




Lamart, 100801998 Golden buckskin, 1998 1150 Gaigisiz, dark buckskin, 1988 990 Karaman
2063 Siyagui
2782 Lira, palomino, 1988 883 Kaltaman
2350 Leili
Madonna, 100800899 bay, 1999 1192 Dorkush bay , 1994 985 Dagestan
2752 Kalina
2372 Markhmansi 26 bay, 1983 910 Opal
1614 Merdjen

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